We are a congregation of God’s people that, first and foremost, respect God’s Word. We were added to the Church by our obedience to the Gospel (Acts 2:37-41; 1 Peter 3:21). We are to devote time to study and pay close attention to what God has said about how we are to worship Him, how we are to live our lives and how one is to obtain salvation. The Bible is our only guide for this life and the roadmap to heaven. Christ is the only head of the church (Colossians 1:15-20; Ephesians 5:23-24)We seek to be the congregation of God’s people that is described in the Bible.


Who are we? We are not perfect people as the world uses the word “perfect,” but we are God’s people serving a perfect God. If you are confused about what the modern world teaches and says about Christ, His church and religion, then we believe that you will welcome the plea made by the Churches of Christ:


Come Worship With Us…

  • We come before God with a humble spirit, seeking to worship as instructed by the Word of God.
  • We come, not for the purpose of entertainment, but to glorify God and to edify one another.
  • We sing praises.
  • We learn from the Word of God, not from the works of man.
  • We offer prayers to God.
  • We partake of the Lord’s Supper on every first day of the week.
  • We believe roles in the church are dictated by the Word, not from commonly accepted social trends.
  • We do not disregard doctrine in favor of acceptance. We stand firm in the Word.
  • We accept all who will come and worship with us in spirit and in truth, that together we may be found acceptable in the presence of the Almighty.
  • We believe that through our repentance and acknowledgement of our sins, and our baptism (immersion) into Christ, we have received the gift of the Holy Spirit. We are justified by the beliefs of our hearts, and are saved by the confessions of our mouths. (Acts 2:38; Romans 6:3-6, 10:9-10)